👋 Hi, I’m Hannah.

🧠 Online Business Coach for Unconventional Leaders

👩‍💻 Virtual Assistant Trainer & Recruiter

🌎 Digital Nomad of 14 years


I empower online business owners to design products, programs, and brands that feel aligned and are profitable.


Learn to become financially & location independent as a Virtual Assistant. I’ve trained over 15k people to success in this career.


4 Month group mastermind designed to support uncoventional leaders in taking up space and moving past blocks to greater success. 


Hire ethically & intelligently from our diverse & talented pool of trained Virtual Assistants. Paid & free options to post jobs.

What They’re Saying

The strategy session I had with Hannah Dixon was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business. I knew I was on the right track with what I wanted to offer, and I was making the clients I did have happy, but I wasn’t doing much for my visibility to keep new clients coming in. My website had been “Coming Soon” for months simply because I didn’t know what to do with it. I’ve always admired the way Hannah works and how inspired her work and engagement always feels. She has an incredible breadth of knowledge in her field coupled with a magnetic humor and sweetness in her delivery. I had no doubt she would have the insight I was missing.

During our hour-long call, she pointed out where I really needed to step up (including raising my rates!), a number of ideas on how to enhance what I was already doing, and a timeline to do them in. It was exactly what I needed. Two weeks later, I had my website up and running and began doing a weekly live stream on my Facebook business page to promote my intuitive tarot readings for business. Since then, I’ve signed four new clients and booked six readings for January! I will definitely be booking another session with her as I look to further expand some of these ideas early next year.

Emma Collier

Author, Copywriter & Intuitive Business Designer

Having someone who works with me to devise exciting ways to package and sell my services and products is priceless.

If you are a doctor or health professional and want to make it online, Hannah is your pocket ace. She always is on the lookout for opportunities to grow and improve my business – giving me complete peace of mind that she is fully invested in my continued success.

Dr. Amy Shah

Double Board Certified MD & Nutrition Expert

Hannah repeatedly surprises me with her excellence in knowledge and application of digital excellence! I wish we could clone her because the world would definitely run more efficiently and effectively. Her creativity and wisdom, coupled with precision, while sprinkled with a great and often humorous disposition produce the results everyone desires! Highly recommend working with her!

Brad Bordini


Hannah has succeeding in winning me over from overseas. As a physician, I am one to focus on my patients and not the technology and workings of a business that go on behind the scenes. Hannah has provided me the opportunity to keep my energy in my craft while she organizes and tends to the details and helps my team work like a fine tuned machine. She is amazing and intelligent and I am so thankful to have her working to help me spread my message and care for my patients and clients.

Dr. Lynn K Wagner

Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Physican

While on the call, Hannah took one look at my website and – with a completely likeable clarity and directness – said “You need to add this and this”. Next, she (without batting an eyelid) came up with a great idea for scaling my business to a group programme – something that I’d been wrestling with how to do for AGES. Finally, she figured out a (way more realistic) timescale for my upcoming launch, along with a fantastic, unique and easy-to-implement list-building activity that I can start on right away. I came off the call totally blown away, with my butt well-and-truly kicked into gear!

Since my call with Hannah I’ve grown my Facebook group from 4 people to 125 people in two weeks, worked with a fantastic VA who designed the most DIVINE lead magnet, and am looking forward to linking back in with Hannah to plan and implement my launch strategy; knowing full well that she knows – both professionally and instinctively – how to accelerate my business to new heights

Lizz Summers

Voice & Accent Coach

I’ve been working privately with Hannah with her being my mentor and what I experienced in those 3 months were beyond all my expectations. I initially wanted to start out with something else but as I told her what my real passion was and what I wanted to change in the world she helped me to build a business from scratch.

I only had a vision, an idea but no clue how I could turn this into a profitable business if anything! After 3 months Hannah helped me to turn this idea into a new brand, a new website, a new published ebook, an online course, a challenge, 200+ followers, newsletter subscribers, 50+ downloads for my ebook, new working partnerships, a successful interview series, invitation to be interviewed and much more…If this is not a success story than I don’t know what is!

I’m quite sad that these mentoring sessions are over but if you think about establishing your own online business and if you want to work smart but not hard then I can highly recommend Hannah! She is so supportive and amazing with her work and I would love to work with her again sometime. Pick Hannah to have in your corner and you will be amazed by what you can achieve in such a short time!

Nicole Brzoza

Business Coach

Hannah is a rockstar mentor, she is full of energy and always brimming with ideas. Her passion towards helping other entrepreneurs establish themselves and stand out in the online world is praise-worthy. Thank you Hannah!

Ankita Sonawane

Social Media Marketer

Hannah is amazing! She knows her stuff. I have worked with many in the industry and Hannah really took the time to understand myself and my mission. She treats my business like it is her own. She helps me get things done, saves me money, and makes my life as an entrepreneur smooth and fun!

Kerry Geocaris

Personal Coach

I am so grateful to have found Hannah! Thanks to her amazing network of highly trained and bountifully skilled VAs, I have found the BEST Online Business Manager/VA I could have ever dreamed of finding. I feel so supported, and things are rolling so smooth now!

As a Transformational Business Coach, I work with Visionary Entrepreneurs around the world who are also in need of trustworthy and capable support, and it’s been invaluable to know I can reach out to Hannah to help my clients find some of the best & brightest VAs out there!

Nothing is better than creating these kind of win-win relationships. My rockstar OBM/VA has been a game-changer in helping me serve and support more visionaries to do their important work in the world, and it’s so rewarding for both of us to see the results. Plus, we have so much fun working together!

Keep up the great work, all of you VAs & miracle matchmakers… it’s so very needed!

Willo Sana

Transformational Business Coach

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